Monday, February 20, 2012

A Weekend in the Life of a Noodle

Lowell happened to take a number of great pictures of Cadence this weekend, enjoying some of his favorite activities, so I thought they were worthy of a post.  Plus, it makes my job easy.

Friday night, enjoying the new dog bed after a run with us and Django.  New bed was purchased as a replacement after SOMEBODY decided its predecessor had to die a couple weeks ago.  Cadence has a love/hate relationship with anything comfortable – it’s complicated.

new bedAfter the latest thaw last week, our yard was finally dry enough to try out our new dog walk.  It has been a little while since Cadence has had access to a regular dog walk, so we brushed up on his contact work a bit.

dogwalk1 dogwalk3dogwalk2Finished off with a few set-point jump exercises.  I love his jump form.  And love that we are able to do backyard agility in Michigan in mid-February, even if this weather is a bit odd.

setpoint1 setpoint3setpoint2Finally, on Sunday, we followed up a therapy dog visit (our third of the weekend) with a nice, if muddy, hike.

Another in our series of extreme-close up photos:

hike close up

Picking our way through the mud . . . 

muddy maybury hike

Noodle in deep reflection . . .

reflecting    Hiking partner, Maebe, looking pretty . . .

maebe hikingWe like to make the most of our weekends.  All of us wanted to hit the snooze button a few extra times this morning though.