Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CPE Trial: December 27-29

We spent the last three days playing agility with Django and Maebe. Sadly, Tristan had to be pulled this weekend, as he has been a bit lame on his front leg. We think he slipped on the ice in the skating rink that is our back yard right now on Christmas Eve, so we'll have to rest him for a couple weeks.

Django had a good weekend, and had several qualifying runs. He was able to pick up the last leg he needed to complete Level 4 in CPE, and is now closing in on his C-ATCH title. I'm hoping he can finish it perhaps by this spring.

Even on the runs that he didn't Q on, he had some very nice moments. He took a teeter (his least favorite obstacle) on a Jackpot course from probably at least 10 feet away from me. I was very proud - I didn't expect him to do that at all. Unfortunately, he missed the tunnel entrance right before the teeter, so didn't Q but I thought it was a success all the same. He also had some great weave pole performances, which is something we have been working on for a long time with him. I was very proud of him, and he is always so fun to run.

Maebe also turned in some impressive performances with Lowell. She needs to work on keeping the bars up on jumps and hitting her contacts, but - man - she is fast and she is a weaving demon! She is a blast to watch. We realized that this trial marked her year anniversary of competing, so given her young age, she is really doing well and has accomplished a lot already.

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