Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Squirrel Patrol

I'm stealing this photo (and the title) from my husband's daily photo blog, because I love it so much. This is what we imagined the conversation between these two was on Sunday morning as they gazed out into the backyard:

"See any squirrels yet?"
"No. You?"
"No. How about now?"
"None here. Hey, do you see any squirrels over there?"
"Not yet. . . Are there any squirrels on your side?"

And so on.

These two share a brain, I swear, which is truly scary. At least being a Border Collie, Cadence has slightly more concern for my opinions on various matters than Jade does. Being the puppy and the old-timer, the two don't really play or interact with each other all that much. The others entertain Cadence while Jade just makes sure no one bothers him on his couch. I think they found something to bond over here though.


Joan Ginsberg said...

I saw this picture on Lowell's blog - so funny. I think you are right on about their conversation. BCs are so amazing.

dharmaspoon guy said...