Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why We Love Dogs, Reason #598

For no real reason in particular, I have had a bit of a storm cloud over my head on and off this week (which I am grateful to say is pretty atypical for me).  It probably started on Monday morning’s run, which was interrupted with a fairly startling experience when three totally unattended, not-terribly-friendly, off-leash dogs cornered Lowell, Cadence and I in our favorite park.  A few moments later, a very unapologetic owner sauntered up the trail behind them, pretty unconcerned with the whole thing, though she did start screaming at them all when we asked her – through gritted teeth - to please get her dogs back.  Brilliant dog training.  The good news is that no one was hurt, there were no altercations other than one dog making some nasty sounds and charging at us, and Cade handled it all calmly.  I did step on him though when one of the dogs tripped me as we tried to move away.  I felt awful about that though he is no worse for wear. 

Off to a rough start of the week, little things just started to build up.  I’ve had a sore throat.  My neck has been stiff for two weeks now for no apparent reason (though I blame the cats who try to steal my pillow from me at night, causing me to wake up all contorted).  I had to skip Tuesday’s run because I couldn’t imagine doing a hill interval workout in 90 degree weather.  I got stung by a yellow jacket or something.  Really minor annoyances, but by Wednesday I was doing a pretty good job pouting and feeling sorry for myself.

Last night I got home after an evening of running errands and was in full self-pity mode.  I took each of the dogs outside to go to the bathroom, and after everyone else was in, found myself in the yard with just Cadence.  I decided to play a little hide and seek game with him, sneaking off behind the shed and calling him to come find me.  Then we grabbed a toy and had a fun, quick play session of tug and fetch – him all growly and play-bowing with his mischievous glint in his eye, and me cracking up and forgetting about the week’s inconveniences.  Only took him about 30 seconds to cheer me up.

I’m in a much better mood this morning.  Thanks, Noodle. 

cade and me trailer In other good news, Tristan is not limping anymore and is able to go on his daily walks again, Maebe’s eye ulcer is completely healed, and Django’s 24-hour bout of extreme gastric upset seems to have cleared up.  Now if the cats would just stay off my pillow, maybe my neck would improve also!

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