Thursday, January 27, 2011

The “Off” Season

This winter, we decided to fit in another activity in the midst of our busy schedule of dog training and agility classes.  In an effort to finally improve our swim technique and speed, we signed up for a Swim Conditioning class two nights a week through the end of April.  Which means that for two hours a week, a perfectly-nice-seeming young man designs ever-creative ways of making us suffer in the water.  This is kind of how it feels:

DSC_6026Except Cadence is actually having a blast here.  He is not troubled by the flaws in his technique, but he isn’t competing in any tris this season either.  Plus he doesn’t have someone shouting “GO!” at him from the dry safety of the pool deck the whole time.

Honestly, we are loving it also, while acknowledging that we have a strange idea of fun. 

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