Monday, June 21, 2010

Dog Paddling

This was a quiet and hot weekend, so we took the opportunity to wheel the kayak down the road to the pond and paddle around for a couple hours.

All the dogs like kayak rides, so we were sure to choose one with plenty of room for a canine passenger. Jade enjoys them perhaps too much. He is too water-crazed, and constantly wants to jump out to swim. His one trip in the kayak I spent clinging to him as he repeatedly tried to dive in, while Lowell paddled the boat by himself. Tristan and Maebe ride nicely enough, but are constantly wondering what is supposed to happen next, moving from one side of the boat to another repeatedly, and occasionally trying to climb up front to see what I'm doing in the bow. Cade, well Cade hasn't been granted the opportunity yet, because I suspect he is likely to follow Jade's example. It will be a training opportunity for this summer, and one likely to provide much entertainment and to possibly require swimsuits.

As for Django, he sits peacefully in the middle of the boat, watching the birds, the shoreline, and the other passing boaters. I look over my shoulder and see his relaxed eyes and doggy grin, lightly panting in the sun. Occasionally he rests his chin on my shoulder for a moment, and his tail will wag softly. He may bob for a passing lily pad or just curl up on the bottom of the boat for a siesta.

One of these dogs gets to go on a lot more boat rides than the others.

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